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Co-Founder. Lonely Floater, LLC.

Ryan A. Wallace

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The Vision

Ryan remained dedicated to his dream and commitment to his country during his final years in the Navy. Him and one of his bestfriends, Lovans Florial, conceived the idea of starting an apparel brand and in late 2016, Lonely Floater was born. A clothing brand forged in the goldmines of their hometown Mount Vernon, New York that is growing into a Multimedia Empire.

The company has remained in operation since then and it has grown and changed despite a series of challenges.

Ryan is now a proud co-owner of this fast-rising company and brand, which has gained traction in various US cities.

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Ryan is also a mentor and an inspirational figure, especially to the youth, and he uses Lonely Floater’s programs in reaching out to young people to motivate and empower them. He is also drawn towards care and support and this has seen his active involvement in humanitarian activities as well as championing corporate responsibility in Lonely Floater.

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