[SdubD] San Diego Unified Bass District

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The San Diego Unified Bass District is a grassroots multi-genre musical and artistic movement focused on showcasing the many talents of emerging musicians from all of Southern California and beyond. Our primary musical focus includes all aspects of Bass, House and Hip Hop with plenty of room for more. We are unique in that we separate ourselves from the traditional norm of a “genre-locked” artist collective by giving artists from a multitude of mediums and musical backgrounds the opportunity to connect and collaborate with one another. San Diego is a beautiful amalgamation of demographics from all walks of life and all artistic tastes in need of a way to connect and create. We are musicians and artists alike whom, due to the many genre restrictive collectives in San Diego, likely would not have crossed paths without the founding of SDUB. We firmly believe that our success lies in our determination to succeed by whatever means necessary and the creativity that has arisen from our diverse quilt of a team.


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