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First Quarter


Our story starts with two dreamers who believe that there's more than just accepting "their place in this life." Both with families from the Islands, they are first generation born Americans given the exact opportunities their family fought so hard to provide for them. Growing up was rough for the both of our dreamers. And even more rough for the families involved with their grooming.  But this was all to provide the opportunity for the youth to have a chance to dream...to be more.


As you go and grow along the Journey of the Lonely Floater, you'll start to understand that our goal is to make you not only see, but feel the pain and the joy that this life has to offer. We want to stimulate your emotions and thoughts with the realness, the deepness, and the dopeness that these minds combined have to offer. We are all Lonely Floaters, and all of our balloons are different. However, some let go…and some don't know what to do with the gift that they have.


Waxing Crescent


The first official image of the Lonely Floater or "Floater Sighting," was a picture of our hero floating past the Big Ben towards the moon.  A couple years later, the image was refabricated upon the apprehensive start of the company. This was done with two custom-made shirts with just the Lonely Floater placed above the heart of a Raglan Tee, and with the lower back of the shirt saying LFxNYC ( which means Lonely Floater by New York.) These shirts were just gifts of friendship from one to the other. Thereafter , slow and detailed planning commenced in October 2015 and finally led to actual production and sales in the undergrounds of New York and California in 2016. Seconds, Hours, Days, Weeks, Months, and now a Year of artistic and poetic symmetry have been in motion to make sure everything being made had meaning behind it. The goal is to not be a clothing brand, but to represent a lifestyle.




To bring the designs to physical and emotional peaks, a lot of thought and heartache was to take place. To show the depths that were gone to achieve this, we will give brief examples. 

Lonely Floater Sticker

The image of the red balloon held by the Lonely Floater is to symbolize your heart, your dreams and what you believe (d) in.  It is your youth and your aspiration that we all fight so hard to keep. Our image of the red balloon is to take you to a place where no one can tell you how to live, dream, think, or plan your future. Especially in a society…A world where those in control tell a fish that its stupid because it can't climb a tree. A world where it tells a penguin it is useless because of its inability to fly.

This is why you see the silhouette of a person, The Lonely Floater, who represents every race, color and creed as defined by the unique individual who identifies with the narrative. holding a balloon to be taken away into the unknown. To voyage into the wonders of the world and different parts of this universe. To experience the amazing trials and tribulations, the failures and glories that are awaiting him. We make it a known fact that this is a conscious decision made by the Floater. This is because you can see the balloon string isn't wrapped around the wrist, but it is being held by the Floater. Which gives off the visual effect that the Floater knows that there is a risk being taken.


We also try to incorporate a city skyline with this image to show that if the Lonely Floater lets go of the red balloon, the Floater would fall back into the "General Population" the big city.  This is a world filled with millions who are living the way they were told to...or because it was the safer/more respectable route. A land occupied with  all walks of life constantly bumping into each other, but it's a place that feels like no one is even there…empty.

 Vision Quest

In the "Vision Quest" design, the image of the moon and the red balloon is a reminder of an extremely difficult event in one of our dreamers' lives. But in a general view, it represents a point reached in everyone's life where you can't fathom the idea of feeling so weak, so alone, or so young.  To have so many faces surround you but still have no one to turn to for answers. When you begin to feel as if the gate have been shut, and you think there's nowhere left to turn. This is a true pain we all feel at one point in time, some more than others. But when one gate closes, another opens its entrance for passage.

 King of the Autumn

In the "King of the Autumn" design, the image is of a skull with the crown of leaves. This represents knowledge of surroundings, strength in self-awareness, but the lack of the ability to show emotions. However if you look closely, the King has a tear drop under its eye. Expressing that, just because of what you see on the exterior of the vessel seems content with itself… doesn't mean that the interior isn't going through it’s a civil war.

 Stay Up

What does Stay Up🎈 mean?
This phrase is something we really grew up with. It's our way of saying "See you later," "Until next time," to Keep your dreams high and your chin higher. 


These are just brief examples of how strategically REAL, DEEP, AND DOPE these subtle/minimalist designs of the Lonely Floater creators are. We want you to look at our gifts to you and ask "why?"  And in turn, later ask the world/universe  the same question.



Waning Crescent


With all the effort put towards building the aesthetic in both art and human emotion. We put just as much effort into the quality and the feel of the garb we choose to hone each symbol we use. When we place a shirt on our backs, a hat on our heads, or even a sticker on a wall, we instantly ask “BUT does it feel right?”  If that answer is no, we go back to the drawing board until we get the results desired.  Because of our reason for this company to exist is so special, the quality of the product used to portray our master pieces must match that standard. Not only does the product have to be of high caliber, but the people we associate or name and visions with must meet that standard as well. We seek to work with aspiring professionals who are not only young at heart but true to their craft.


Third Quarter



FX Floater

 "In this journey we call life things will get tough.
And the challenges that approach may need to be faced alone.
Regardless of where this journey takes you,
Even If it's across the horizon where the roads get rough,
Not all those who wander are lost because of the paths they roam.

Our story dawns with somewhat of coincidence,
Walking alone with a full moon is how this night was spent.
This night was a special night,
About a boy who needed the earth.
Who then looked to the starry sky,
On the anniversary of his birth.

A young wanderer, star gazer, a misfit of his kind.
Saw the red balloon float near the moon, now he found the sign
He saved this image, this special moment in his life
That the meaning of a red balloon,
Meant more than "It'll be alright."

Searching alone, to understand the balloon and moon became an unclear mission,
Until one day his best friend came
And brought to reality his vision.

So learn with me, grow with me, don't be discouraged by fear.
And join me in my travels across the hemisphere.
Never forget to stay humble, as your dreams come closer"

Sincerely yours,
The Lonely Floater






Sold Out

Lonely Floater